Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile floors by hand is hard work. It’s messy, uncomfortable and impossible to get the deep-clean results that come with professional tile and grout cleaning.

This is because regular mopping will never reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Grout is a porous material and it collects dirt, grime and spills, often discoloring the surface.

Our professional tile and grout cleaning service uses our proprietary hot water extraction cleaning method to clean out the hidden dirt and restore the luster to your floors. In addition, we’ll remove 96.5% allergens from your grout.

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    • Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Equipment

      When we clean tile and grout we use a high-pressure water and vacuum system along with a cleaning solution that doesn’t leave a residue.

    • Free Tile Cleaning Demonstration

      We offer in-home demonstrations of our tile and grout cleaning process so you can see it for yourself before you book a cleaning.

    • Cleaner and Healthier

      Our tile and grout cleaning process removes an average of 96.5% of common household allergens.

  • Stanley Steemer technician sealing the grout lines on a tile floor.
    • Stain Resistant Grout

      A finishing coat of Stanley Steemer’s clear grout sealant protects your grout lines from accidents like small spills and spots.

    • A Protective Barrier

      Grout is a porous material that absorbs soil and spills, just like carpet. Applying a sealant creates a protective barrier, making it easier to clean spills on your grout before they soak in.

    • Restore Grout Color or Change it Completely

      For deep, stubborn spots, we recommend our color sealant to restore your grout to a uniform color while offering all the benefits of our clear sealant. You can even choose a completely new color to transform the look of an entire room.

  • Bottle of Stanley Steemer Tile and Grout Cleaner
    • Use the Right Tile Cleaners

      Avoid bleach and other harsh chemical cleaners that might break down sealants around your tile and grout. 

    • Stanley Steemer Neutral Tile & Grout Cleaner

      Suitable for use on small spots or for general cleaning, Stanley Steemer Neutral Tile & Grout Cleaner removes even the toughest dirt from your tile floors safely and gently.

  • Young girl laying on a clean tile floor with a cat.
    Use these tips when cleaning tile and grout:
    • To ensure the lasting beauty of your tile floor and to preserve the life of sealants, use Stanley Steemer's Professional Neutral Tile & Grout Cleaner.
    • Always vacuum and/or sweep before mopping to eliminate as much dry soil as possible.
    • Always rinse after you mop.
    • Avoid using bleach and other harsh chemical cleaners that might break down the grout and sealants.
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  1. Our tile and grout cleaning service begins with our technicians examining your floor to ensure they use the appropriate cleaning method. They will look at the kind of tile you have and see if there are any places where the grout is damaged.
  2. Then, we start your tile and grout cleaning by scrubbing the grout between each tile with a pH-balanced cleaning solution. This releases the ground in dirt that gets trapped in the pores of the grout.
  3. Next, we use our tile and grout specific cleaning machines and tile floor cleaner. These machines force hot water on and into your tile and grout, while extracting the dirt.  
  4. Finally, after cleaning, we will inspect your tile and grout with you to ensure you’re happy with your clean tile. During your appointment, you can also request to have other floors professionally cleaned by our technicians.
  5. Your tile and grout will be dry within hours.
Stanley Steemer technician sealing the grout lines on a tile floor.
The best commercial grout cleaning near you.

No matter the type of tile or size of the room - we can get the tile and grout in your business back to clean.


Our team uses the same tile and grout cleaning process for commercial cleaning as we do for residential service. We start by inspecting your tile floor to make sure we use the proper cleaning method. Then, we will use our tile cleaning machines to pump hot water onto and into your tile and grout, all while extracting dirt and allergens.


You also have the option to add color seal to your grout to keep your grout cleaner, longer. Color seal acts as a protective barrier helping keep dirt out of your grout.


To learn more about our tile and grout commercial cleaning click here.

now that your tile is cleaner than ever