Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone floors won’t come completely clean from regular mopping. This is because natural stone and stone tile are incredibly porous, which means the surface can absorb stains and spills. To clean stains from stone we recommend a professional stone floor cleaning from the best floor cleaners.

There is not one single correct way to clean natural stone. In fact, cleaning stone floors can vary greatly depending on the type of stone and grout you have. That’s why we always customize how we clean natural stone to make sure we get it as clean as possible.

  • Stone Floor Cleaning

    • Our Stone Cleaning Process

      First we apply a pre-spray and scrub the grout lines. Then we extract dirt and grime from the stone and grout using a high-pressure wand. For an additional fee, we also offer our polishing process which uses a series of buffer pads to remove etching and light scratches. This process will leave your stone with a polished finish.

    • Attention to Detail

      There are some places our buffer can’t reach. Our technicians will hand-polish these hard-to-reach areas of your stone floors, ensuring your entire floor looks great.

    • Free Natural Stone Cleaning Demonstration

      We offer in-home demonstrations of our stone cleaning process so you can see it for yourself before you book a cleaning.

  • Stone Grout Cleaner

    Stanley Steemer technician applying sealant to natural stone floors.
    • Stain Resistant Natural Stone

      An application of Stanley Steemer’s clear sealant or color sealant protects your stone and creates a stain-resistant surface.

    • A Protective Barrier

      Natural stone is a porous material that absorbs soil and spills, just like carpet. Applying a sealant creates a protective barrier, making it easier to clean up spills before they soak in.

    • Restore Grout Color or Change it Completely

      If your grout has deep, stubborn stains, we recommend our premium color sealant to restore it to a uniform color while offering all the benefits of our clear sealant. You can even choose a completely new color to transform the look of an entire room.

  • Stone Floor Maintenance

    Area rug laying on a natural stone floor next to a staircase.
    • Use the Right Stone Cleaners

      Avoid household cleaners that contain vinegar or acidic agents, which can damage your natural stone floors.

    • Mats in High-Traffic Areas

      Cover high-traffic areas of your stone with floor mats to protect from dirt and damaging debris.

    • Immediate Cleanup

      If you spill on your natural stone, wipe it up quickly before it can be absorbed into the pores of your stone.

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